What’s on deck

Change can be a good thing. I recently changed my starting lineup a bit and here’s a look at what I’m currently using. I will review each individually over the weekend for anyone who’s interested.

When I’m on the go, I carry my new Microsoft Surface Book 2.

This is the 15″ model, with the 8th generation i7 quad-core processor, 16gb ram, discrete GeForce gtx 1060 gpu (6gb ram) and a 256gb SSD. I have the new surface pen and a Samsung T5 500gb external SSD for storage. This thing is a beast, but more on that later!

As a work station I’m in the process of replacing a Dell Inspiron 3847 I’ve used for years. It’s running an i5 processor, 8gb ram, Geforce gt1030 (2gb vram) and a 1tb HDD with a 24″ Samsung display. This has seen some neglect over the years as my time at home dwindled to almost nothing. It has also seen its fair share of gaming and office duties as well.

For my mobile I’m currently carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note8 (orchid), with a 64gb microSD for expandable storage and a Spigen slim armor case. I will do an in depth on this device since it has been the daily driver since release.

Some other devices I’ve used over the last year include the Surface Pro 3, Galaxy s8 plus, Alcatel idol 4s (W10m) and the iPhone 7 plus. Stay tuned.

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